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Dancers Shape offers a variety of classes and private sessions designed around a unique and personalized approach to physical fitness. We’re happy to help you explore what class or private session might be best for you. Contact us here



Athletic Conditioning




The studio’s signature barre technique class is one hour and incorporates the Principle of Overload and Interval Training for maximum results in the least amount of time. By utilizing light hand weights, the ballet barre, personal body weight and other accessories, clients work every major muscle group. A soothing period of stretching follows each section to build and maintain a lean, nimble body. While specialized movement targets all “trouble areas”, customized music selections accompany each interval to make the class challenging yet enjoyable. Teachers move throughout the classroom to offer personalized corrections and proper and safe alignment in order to protect the body.


A slower and modified version of the original Dancers Shape, this class is recommended for anyone new to the Dancers Shape technique, those just beginning an exercise program, or post surgical clients. The Dancers Shape technique is gradually introduced to students so that they understand the important benefits of proper body alignment. This will allow students to build strength and gain a full knowledge of how to increase and decrease modifications to suit their individual needs for maximum results. This rehabilitative, strengthening class runs one hour and helps clients achieve strong and flexible bodies and joints for pain-free movement.

ADVANCED - Must take 3-5 Shape classes before attending

The Advanced class takes the same principles of our signature Shape class and adds extra elements of cardio, coordination, strength and balance. This fast paced class is designed to challenge your cardiovascular and muscular strength through coordinated balance challenges, flowing barre work and ballet based sprints. Clients will achieve their full body strength workout expected from the Shape class but will also gain cardio benefits through a dance based approach to cardio. 


Created for NFL football players, this class focuses on balancing strength and length in opposing muscle groups throughout the body to promote optimal sports performance. By training the deep stabilizer muscles to work in conjunction with the large muscle groups, clients will experience improved balance, control and coordination to excel in sports but also add life to their career with preventing injuries and rehabilitating old ones.  From the professional athletes to the sports novice – this class will offer cross training benefits at any level of your game.

Watch the video about the class built for NFL players.

SPORT - Must take 3 - 5 Shape classes before attending 

Our bootcamp version of the Shape class, this one hour high energy class is for those who crave a higher cardio burn without the harsh impact of running and jumping on outdoor surfaces. This class is performed on the studio’s sprung floor which helps lessen the impact on joints. Designed to intensely develop clients cardio and strength ability, clients rotate from moderate to high impact cardio moves to advanced barre work. Using the advantage of the heated body, students then work deeply into the Dancers Shape stretch series to maintain joint and muscle flexibility.


This one hour, full body, power-packed mat class takes the classical principles of Pilates and incorporates them into the quick paced flow of the Dancers Shape philosophy and approach to fitness. Set to customized music, the mat choreography has been tweaked to focus on functional movement to build strength throughout the core, while stabilizing the pelvic and shoulder girdle. This stabilization process frees all peripheral movements from chronic weakness, resulting in a strong and flexible back, abs, seat and thighs. Prepare to work. This isn’t your average mat class.

GROOVE - Bring sneakers

Think Zumba meets MTV dance for all levels.  This cardio dance class will have you moving and grooving and burning calories without that dreaded thought - how much longer of this cardio do I have? Groove begins with a Dancers Shape flow warmup and builds into a variety of styles like latin, hip hop, Broadway, and the latest MTV music video moves. No previous dance experience required. This class is a complete follow along to get your heart rate up and to burn those calories in a fun stage like environment and on a joint conscious sprung dance floor. 


For a rejuvenated body, Dancers Shape Yoga will focus the mind, de-stress the body, elongate the muscles, and keep joints strong yet flexible. This one-hour class takes the ancient practice of Hatha yoga, and combines the Dancers Shape contemporary approach to mind/body connection. Half vinyasa flow and half deep stretch - this class is ideal for all levels of experience and is a great compliment to all other Dancers Shape classes.


No two bodies are built alike. Privates are a great way to asses your postural alignment to correct muscle imbalances, alleviate chronic aches and pains and rehab new and old injuries. With a personalized program designed specifically for your needs, privates are great for beginners, those healing after surgery or injuries and for clients who prefer privacy and one-on-one attention. We offer 30, 45 and 60 minute sessions.


This session can be tailored into 15, 30, 45 or 60 minute increments that will help prepare you for maintaining your fitness level as your body changes. Instructors walk you through each trimester with safe and effective modifications to continue exercising and target the most important muscle groups needed for delivery and recovery. Exercise throughout your pregnancy is beneficial to promoting a healthy mom and baby before, during and after delivery; let us help you unravel the myths and misconceptions of what is safe and effective. A minimum 15 minute session is strongly recommended before attending open level classes to cover ab modifications for second and third trimesters. After your private session, you will receive notecards to use during our open level classes that show your modified mat and core work. Clients must sign the Dancers Shape personal waiver form before participating in classes or private lessons. You may download this waiver here.




Clients Can Expect:

Sculpted Seat & Thighs

Improved Muscle Tone & Strength

Stronger Core/Defined Abs

Reduced Body Fat

Increased Flexibility

Improved Cardiovascular Health

Better Posture & Structural Alignment

Improved Bone Density

Improved Self Confidence

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